10ml Empty  Plastic Dropper Bottles (PET)

10ml Empty Plastic Dropper Bottles (PET)

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Ideal for e-juice, e-liquids, e-flavours or just for use for liquid storage Material - PET

Height - 55mm no cap/ with cap 70mmDiameter - 23mm natural Colour as pictures

Thinner dropper nozzle Good for solvents Light oils, Paint, Essence, Flavours, Eye Drops, Nail Polish Remover etc

Tactile warning stamped on to the top of the cap (for the blind)

Comes with a thin dropper tips which are located in the cap so when adding lid, nozzel will be in place at the same time as the cap save lots of time if hand filling e liquids

Has a push down and twist cap for child safety "safety first"


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