Our E Liquid Concentrates

Here at VRU, we understand our customers want the luxury of mixing their own e-liquid. Whether you are shopping for yourself or you’re an e-liquid seller, our DIY range provides the ingredients and products needed to create mouth watering flavours.
To ensure you receive premium quality, we expertly blend and manufacture e liquid flavours, PG/VG and nicotine bases in our state of the art laboratory in Rochdale, Manchester.
From fruity to savoury, tobacco or sweet we have over 280 + flavour concentrates to choose from, providing you with a huge range of choice.
We’re also great value: a 100ml of flavour concentrate can make the equivalent of 100 bottles pre-mixed e liquid at 10% strength, and starting at £7.99 you’d be mad to miss out!




Our E Liquid concentrates are made at our state of the art lab in Manchester. They are made from the highest quality ingredients.