DIY- Flavour Concentrate Mixing

Everything you need to make your own eLiquids!

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Empty Plastic Bottles - 10ML dropper bottles - 5LTR Jerry cans
Extra Strong Concentrates - New Flavour Listings (Heisenblag, Pinkman, Strawberry Chew) / Old Flavour Listings (Blackjack, Fruits of The Forest, Fireball) 
Monopropylene Glycol (PG) - 30ML Bottles - 20LTR Drums
Vegetable Glycerine (VG) -  30ML Bottles - 20LTR Drums
VG/PG Mixes (50/50, 70/30) - 30ML Bottles - 5LTR Jerry Cans
Ethyl Maltol/Koolada - 10ML Bottles - 500ML Bottles
Nicotine - PG Based Nicotine / VG Based Nicotine - 50ML Bottles - 1LTR Bottles



All our flavours are produced and made safe to vape, none of these flavours contain diacetyl, as this adds the buttery sweetness in flavours and foods. Diacetyl is safe to eat, but not safe to vape. You may need to add a sweetener to replace missing taste for not having diacetyl inside.

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