Vapours R Us


Vapours R Us was a new UK company formed to meet the growing demand for electronic cigarettes in the UK in 2010. Since then we have grown to become one of the leading suppliers of quality e-cigarettes, and continue to lead the way with the latest technology. We are constantly striving to produce the very best possible experience from an ecigarette.

The company was formed by a smoker (now a non smoker) to offer an alternative to traditional cigarettes that actually work.

"When I intially tried the technology I was amazed by the experience, however, I was also surprised by the variation in quality and customer service across the industry. This is the problem with any new industry. Many of the products I tried were faulty, inconsistent with bad instructions, and even worse customer service. I also needed to aquire considerable knowledge of how everything worked before I managed to find the thing I wanted, when all I really wanted was to put down the normal cigarettes and pickup an electronic cigarette with the least amount of effort possible... basically I wanted a better, but just as simple way to carry on smoking as if I hadn't given up at all.

I managed this after some considerable time, and Vapours R Us is the result of my efforts. We now stock the simplest, best looking and most advanced ecigarette available that ticks all the boxes for somebody that doesn't want to have to figure out how it works, but just that it does work, with minimal effort. This simplicity is backed up by exceptional customer service and confidence that we are providing the best products available in the market."