Top 5 reasons to switch to vaping

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Along with losing weight, quitting smoking is at the top of almost every New Year’s Resolution list. Going cold turkey is often unrealistic and unwanted.

The rise of e-cigarettes is no accident. The benefits of switching from cigarettes to vaping seem to be endless. Here at Vapours R Us we’ve compiled a quick list for you to clearly see top five reasons you should switch today.


It’s rather obvious. Even school children are taught that smoking can lead to illness such as cancer and heart disease. The unpleasant truth is that tobacco cigarettes have almost four thousand chemicals in each stick ready to start extinguishing you from the inside.E-cigarettes on the other hand, whilst still providing a nicotine fix, contain none of the chemical compounds found in traditional smokes. In just eight hours after switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes you will start to notice a difference as the oxygen levels in your blood begin to return back to their original levels.


Cigarettes are expensive. The price of tobacco has increased by almost 90% between the years 2005 and 2015 with the average smoker spending over £3000 a year on cigarettes. E-cigarettes are reusable and once you have your starter kit the only costs come in the form of replacement e liquids. There is no doubt that every single person who switches to e-cigarettes will notice a difference in cost.


Smokers are often perceived as the enemy. Shunned to the outside spaces unable to socialise with their friends. Though the smoking ban is still in effect the majority of public places such as pubs now allow e-cigarettes on the premises. Meaning that you no longer have to stand out in the rain!

Shiny and new

With e-cigarettes gone are the days of bad teeth, yellow fingers and ash breath. The lack of chemicals in e-cigarettes are the main reason for the reduction in harm to your body parts such as teeth and fingers. Many users have stated that their sense of taste and smell improved after the switch. The vapour doesn’t cling to clothes and hair the way cigarette smoke does meaning that you won’t have to carry around chewing gum and perfume to mask the smell.

Environmentally friendly

Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes contain no dangerous toxins like tar and carbon monoxide and do not have any ash or cigarette butts which present a serious environmental problem. By switching to e-cigarettes, not only do you help yourself but the environment too!

There you have it! The top five reasons to switch to vaping. Make your New Year’s Resolutions more achievable by switching today for a healthier, happier and richer you!

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