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VRU Juices Flavour Concentrates 100ml

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    We cant always promise that the 1st picture of (30ml) dropper bottle will be sent it may arrive in a standard bottle please look at the second picture. 

    We've added this below information as we get 100s of questions asking how much flavour do we add to our PG & VG mix ect.

    We mix some at 5% and some at 10% this all depends on the flavour you have purchased as there is a good few which extremely stronger than others such as:Citrus,Aniseed,Menthol,Certain mints,Pear drops, black jack,fireball

    fire and ice,cinnamon


    These and many more if you would like to know which ones do not hesitate to ask we are willing to answer any questions you may have to ask. Some flavours can and will damage plastic cartomizers please ask if your not sure before you purchase or use a pyrex type cartomizer as it does not damage these.

    If you are making a 10ml bottle at 5% you need to add 0.5ml of flavour, 1ml for a 10% mix and if your going to make a 30ml bottle just times it by 3 so 15% will be 1.5ml of flavour and 30ml bottles at 10% will be 3ml flavour. Don't forget everyones got a different taste so you may want to change this to less or more we do mix some at 20% for some customers at our shops, but again it does depend on the flavour purchased.

    These are flavours only and must not be used for vaping until they are mixed correctly. Larger bottles of flavour are also available.


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    1. ME GUSTA

      Ahhh yes, tis a good day when I'm low on juice and the delicious Pinkman arrives in the mail. on 8th Aug 2018

    2. Perfect Service

      I've been a customer for quite a while now! Always spot on.. The service provided is second to none. Heisenberg, Cherry Bomb, Black stairs.. Red Stairs to name but a few. 10/10 Always with no complaints whatsoever. Would recommend to anyone. on 24th Jul 2018

    3. Can't fault it in the slightest

      I've ordered many different eliquids and concentrates over my time, but Heisenburg will always be my number 1, and the Heisenblag concentrate gets it absolutely spot on! It tastes just like the real thing. The best thing about buying this concentrate instead of purchasing the offical Heisenburg juice is that; 1 - it is a fraction of the price. About 10 times cheaper when DIYing, and 2 - you are able to control the exact amount of flavour/VG/PG/nicotine to suit your own needs.
      10/10 - amazing
      on 7th Jul 2018

    4. Heisenburg / unicorn blood

      2 great flavours mixed at 15% (nice when mixed together too 50/50 ) add 2 % koolada for a nice summer vape ;) on 30th May 2018

    5. Red Stairs

      Most excellent flavour instantly likeable, super fast delivery as well cannot recommend highly enough. on 21st May 2018

    6. tastes great

      Purchased unicorn blood great flavour mixed at 15% will be getting more of this one. Great price and fast delivery too on 9th May 2018

    7. Don’t go anywhere else but here

      Have tried a lot of flavors last order was Dragons Blood ( red ) excellent flavor that lasts. Good quality concentrate would recommend it a good every day vape on 12th Apr 2018

    8. Black Astaire

      This is 1 of my favourite concentrates, great flavour . I add menthol also available at vapours-r-us .
      My mix is 70-30 with 15% black astaire & 10 % menthol it tastes just like Attraction .
      on 4th Apr 2018

    9. spot on

      Cheap products, mint customer services cant go wrong at all get on to this company as there is many rubbish ones out there these are as genuine as you will get and the cost of product compared to V.V etc why pay more for stuff you can source cheaper :) . on 6th Mar 2018

    10. Heisenblag concentrate

      I have to say that this is a fantastic version of Heisenburg. It's taste and smell are spot on on 5th Mar 2018

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